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The nursery was founded in 1932 and was originally the walled kitchen garden for Burstow Hall (which you can see from the shop). Burstow Hall was sold off after World War II when the house was split into three individual homes and the walled garden sold off seperately. 
After the war the nursery continued to operate as a kitchen garden supplying the local shops and businesses with home grown produce. Over the years it was developed from a farm shop to a plant nursery and garden centre.
Since 1970 the nursery has been owned by the same family and has been developed from a small garden centre and farm shop into what you see today. Today we pride ourselves in being a garden centre that speciallises in the garden. Our range of product is all about you and your garden. Our staff all have an interest in our product and  are able to give you advise and help as required.
Please look at our Extras page for information about our planting plan service, our basket refill service. Also please use visit our Contact Us page for information on how to get in touch.
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