A great range of plants at Burstow Nurseries & Garden Centre

We stock a large range of Shrubs, Trees, Bedding, Fruit, Alpines, Heathers and much more

Shrubs and Climbers

Our comprehensive range of shrubs and climbing plants are carefully selected to suit local gardens. The selection changes seasonally, so you will always find something of interest to suit patio containers, general borders or maybe as a gift for someone.


We stock everything from Buddleias to Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias to give all year round colour.


Climbers such as Clematis are always in stock, along with a broad range of plants including Jasmine, Passion flower, Wisteria and honeysuckle.


Conifers are often overlooked for their ornamental value, but the range is huge, and we have a selection of interesting varieties. Being mostly evergreen, these will add structure to the garden as well as giving colour and texture. 

Trees & Hedging

Our carefully selected range of trees provide foliage, flower or fruit interest. Many will also encourage wildlife to your garden providing nesting sites and shelter.


The trees are all container grown and can be planted at any of the year (weather permitting). Although the best time for tree planting is in the autumn when the tree is dormant. Spring planting requires more care and attention.


We have a range of plants suitable for hedging and screening and aim to stock pot grown items such laurel throughout the year. Bamboo is another screening plant to consider. 

We also stock traditional hedging plants such as Beech, Hawthorn, Hornbeam. Please ask for the latest availability on these.


Our carefully selected range of bush, patio and climbing roses add colour, scent and style to any garden. Many of our roses are award winners, including many recently introduced varieties.


We also stock a selection of Peter Beales roses.

The selection includes introductions of “classic” style roses which add elegance and fragrance to British gardens.


Roses always make a welcome gift, and many have names appropriate for an occasion.


Please ask us about current availability.


Herbaceous & Alpines

Herbaceous or perennials are probably one of our most popular selections of plants. The range of varieties is enormous, with new varieties appearing each season and we are always keen to offer the gardener something different within our selection.


Why not include grasses in your garden. These fit in with herbaceous plants nicely to give movement, shape and texture.  We also stock a nice range of quality English grown ferns which are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for that shady area. They look good in containers too.


Not just for rockeries, but also perfect for containers are alpines. Most are better in a sunny position and can be chosen to give year round flower and foliage interest. These are becoming increasingly popular for smaller gardens. Make more of your alpine plants by enhancing their look with our range of grits, gravels and rockery stone. 

Seasonal Bedding Plants

Add colour to your containers, baskets and borders with our great range of seasonal plants. We grow our own selected lines of bedding and source many of our other plants from local nurseries.


The range changes throughout the year, with our summer bedding such at Bacopa, Begonias, Fuchsias, Petunia and many others arriving in late March through to early August.

Our autumn/winter range of Pansies and Violas arrive from late August onwards.


All our bedding range are ideal in hanging baskets and containers which will add colour to any garden.

Fruit & Vegetables

There is nothing like the taste of fruit and vegetables picked from your own garden and we stock a range of plants suitable for “growing your own” either at home or on your allotment.


In spring and summer, we stock a wide range of young vegetable plants which are ideal to get your veg plot started. We will have a good range of popular lines such as beans, brassicas and lettuce as well as a large selection of tomato plants, cucumbers and peppers.


Herbs are another popular range of plants to consider growing. Great for adding flavour and fragrance.


You can grow fruit even in a small garden with our selection of apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots and peaches. Many of these are grown on rootstocks that prevent the plants from growing too large, which makes  them ideal for the smaller garden or container. Soft fruit such as strawberries, currants, berries, figs and grapes are all quite easy to grow, so why not give them a try.

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