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Tools, Plant Trays, Labels, Giftware, Bird Food and much more.

Bird Food

Our contribution to the wildlife in the area ranges from loose bird food, so that you can have as much or as little as you want. We also offer bulk bags of bird food. Please ask us for latest prices.


We stock a range of fat balls and speciallist bird feeds in 2kg bags as well as a range of bird feeders and stands.


We stock a wide range of garden chemicals to meet all your horticultural needs. Weedkillers, fertiliser, fungicides, and speciallist feeds for indoor plants and orchids.


Our lawncare range also includes lawn feeds, fertilisers and weed killers to keep your grass looking in tip top condition.


Our giftware range is carefully selected to provide a range of outstanding items that will compliment any garden. We have a range of lanterns suitable for indoors or outdoors.


We stock a collection of solar lighting to provide colour in the garden once the night has drawn in.


We also stock garden mirrors.

Baskets & Supports

A selection of hanging baskets, troughs, brackets, liners and moss are available. 


Plants supports, trellis, garden screening, obelisks and garden ornaments.

Tools & Equipment

We hold a wide range of garden tools and hand tools. Our range covers hand tools all the way though to log splitting axes and shovels from Kent and Stowe.


Our comprehensive range of Wilkinson Sword pruning and cutting tools, compliments our range of exchangable tools from Wolf Garten.


When it comes to hose pipes and watering we hold an extensive range from Flopro, a range that we feel surpasses Hozelock in quality.


In addition to our range of tools we stock many other items such as string, wire, rubbish bags, paraffin, seed trays, plant labels and many more.

Calor Gas


We do aim to hold most sizes of Butane, Propane and Patio Gas. Due to some current Calor Gas supply shortages, we advise that you please contact us by telephone for our latest stock availability.

We are currently only able to offer refills when an empty cylinder is returned, and exchange like for like sizes and gas types. 

Sorry, but we cannot currently issue new contracts for cylinders ( ie sell you a new cylinder without an empty being returned).


We aim to stock the following sizes;-

Butane:- 7kg, 15kg.

Please note that 4.5kg cylinders are being phased out and will be replaced now with 7kg gas. 


Propane:- 6kg, 13kg, 19kg, 47kg.

Please note that 4.5kg cylinders are being phased out and will be replaced now with 6kg gas. 


Patio Gas:- 5kg, 13kg


We also stock Regulators, Hoses and Clips.


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