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Christmas Trees Now in Stock


Nordmann Firs, Norway Spruce, Lodge Pole Pines, Fraser Firs, Lasiocarpa and Koreana


Foliage and Holly Wreaths will be available from the 1st December.

We are currently making these.


For the best choice, buy your tree now and store it in bucket of water until

you are ready to decorate it.


All our tree will last until the new year, providing you kept them watered.




Normal Opening Hours


Monday to Saturday

9am to 5pm.



9:30am to 4pm 


Christmas Wreaths

Fresh wreaths available from 1st December.


We make our own Christmas wreaths, and all the foliage wreaths we sell are made by our team here at Burstow Nurseries.


The holly wreaths are supplied by a local lady and are all hand made.


We also sell wreath rings, and pre-mossed rings. Please call for details.




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